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You can watch normal boring porn just about anywhere, but when it comes to the wild and crazy, get your cock hard, strange type of porn, then you have to visit WierdJapan. This site is filled with a mix of the sexiest and oddest Japanese women who will wear or do anything on film to just get fucked. Check this out and see just how strange WierdJapan can be.

Review:We’ve all seen sexy girls standing in front of a camera. We’ve all see spread legs and cock filled pussies. But one thing we haven’t seen before is the complete strange and crazy ways that Japanese women can be on film, but that’s all changed now. If you want to see the wildest and oddest sexual situations with some of the sexiest women on the planet then you have to see WierdJapan.

WierdJapan is a totally bizarre website filled with sexy Japanese women doing the strangest things. These sexy babes heat up the screen with their juicy pussies and amazing tits. You’ll always find something to watch on WierdJapan and in most cases you won’t believe your eyes. For instance, if you like sex dolls, then WierdJapan has a whole new take on them.

We’ve all seen the blow up sex dolls that just sit there and even the new style of sex dolls that are so lifelike it’s almost scary, but what about real life sex dolls. On WierdJapan you will see Asian babes Meguru Kosaka, Rio Hamasaki, and Yuka Osawa as they are dressed up like schoolgirls in a classroom setting. They see to be frozen in time and are used like true sex dolls. Their lesbian teacher loves licking pussy and these dolls sit there motionless as she gets a mouthful of cream and gives them a great tongue bath.

You can see more frozen in time dolls that are dressed up like waitresses in a fast food restaurant too. The customers that come to this eating establishment don’t want a plain old burger and fries. Nope, these guys want a fur burger and a milkshake.

What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw thirty plus spread eagled women with only their pussies showing?  This row of bleachers gives you the option of grabbing any snatch you want and just doing whatever you wish right in the middle of the town square. You’ll see a ton of blowjobs and hardcore fun in this video.

When it comes to finding work in Japan, you’d be surprised at the type of training these women have to go through. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of one of the sexiest classes featuring a room full of women in their office attire, as they lay on the floor on their backs with their legs spread. They have to read a book on masturbation and before they can pass the class, they have to masturbate up to the teacher’s approval.

Wild rope bondage has always been one thing that Japan is known for and when you see six girls dressed up like maids bound and hanging with their legs spread, you’ll remember why it’s so sexy. You’ll watch as the two men who hold these girls captive enjoy fingering and teasing their pussies with vibrators and even pinch their tiny titties while the girls can do nothing but hang there and moan.

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Japanese television has always been a bit bizarre, but one of their new shows takes the cake. On WierdJapan you’ll get to see one of the newest shows that offers up a line of women standing behind a partition. Holes have been cut out where their tits and pussies are. Men are given the chance to walk up to these partitions and do whatever they wish to the snatches and tits presented to them. At one point, the girls are made to turn around and bend over. Their tiny tushes poke right through those holes and the men enjoy every minute of it.

Imagine walking through the park and seeing a merry go round. Well, that’s not too odd, but if the merry go round is nothing but women with their legs bound spread apart and their furry pussies open and ready for any passerby, then maybe that would catch your eye. At WierdJapan they call this contraption a pussy go round. As men walk by, they can do whatever they wish to these pretty pussies and by the end of the day, it’s a pussy go round of cum dripping snatches.

The Japanese have always like bathroom play and at WierdJapan you’ll get plenty of that to see too. In one video, you’ll get to see a large public bathroom filled with schoolgirls. As men walk in they are treated to an all over scrub down with soap and water. These girls do far more than that, of course and with all that slippery soap, it turns into a ton of clean and dirty fun.

If you told someone you were going bowling, they would expect a night of beer and nachos while throwing a heavy ball down a lane. The last thing they’d expect is an alley filled with naked girls bending over the ball return to get their pussies filled. The doggy style fucking and deep penetration from this wild group fuck only ends when all these girls are dripping with jizz.

If some of the movies that I’ve described to you seem bizarre or even unbelievable, then you must check out WierdJapan now. You’ll see that everything I’ve described to you is true and you’ll see the thousands of other wild and crazy scenes they have as well. You will have access to the hottest and most bizarre videos on the web as a member of WierdJapan. You’ll wonder why you went anywhere else.

Members of WierdJapan not only receive full access to their wacky and fantastic library of bizarre porn, but they also become a member of one of the best networks online. You’ll receive unlimited access to all network sites and their content as well as all the ready to download movies, the hottest AV models, and the best part is that it all comes with no DRM! That’s right, you can build your own private library of hot Asian porn on your personal computer and watch it forever. You just can’t beat that. Check it out today! is for adults only. - Asian Porn, Asian Sex. And is not responsible for the content of the pages to which it links. You are encouraged to if ever find a link in question pertaining to illegal or copyrighted content to report it immediately. All rights reserved.We suggest Asian Porn Movies. 2005 - 2010 Webmasters

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